- by Laura Holvey

I have been asked why I use a daisy as my logo for Simple Yoga...

I have always loved daisies. I love their colour, their simplicity, their freshness. I have a very fond memory of lying in a field, with arms outstretched, daisies all around me, with my face upturned to the warmth of the sun. Bliss... Then there is the memory of walking through fields of moon daisies, with a dog called Biggles, on an organic farm near to where we used to live. We knew the owners and were allowed to roam wherever we wanted and only had to call out for Biggles when we arrived, and he would appear, panting, a huge Airedale, always ready for a walk.

With such lovely memories it is hardly surprising that I chose a daisy to be my logo when I set up Simple Yoga. It seemed to me to represent the simplicity I was craving in my yoga and my life. As I write this I am looking out on a field and the rain is chucking it down but all I have to do is close my eyes and think back to lying in my field of daisies and I feel more peaceful and relaxed.

Another love, which I am sure many of you reading this will share, is the sea. Lying down on your favourite beach somewhere, all on your own, not another person in sight. Feeling the warmth of the sand below and the sun above, breathing in that glorious salty air. Hearing birdsong as your body releases and relaxes as you breathe in and out, in and out... Becoming aware of the sound of the waves flowing towards the shoreline...

I share this relaxation, or a version of it as every relaxation is slightly different at the end of each class and I weave in my version of yoga nidra which leads you further into your peaceful place. I love teaching this relaxation; it allows the body to fully relax, calming the mind too. My own body and mind relax as I sit and slowly and intuitively guide the relaxation; if I was lying down I might nod off!